Our Collection
 Decided to display a few of the Miller pieces we've accumulated this time around. A lot of controversy surrounds the Miller Girl In The Moon - several factions out there touting their version of her history as the correct one - we have no idea which camp has it correct but we certainly salute whomever came up with concept in the first place! Please enjoy these few items that we're fortunate enough to own.

As you can tell, we're pretty serious about this stuff -- but we're always on the prowl for more! Our interests lie primarily in the areas of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana pre-1960 breweriana items. But, as can be attested to by our site, we collect pieces from all over as well as some soda, distillery, and cigar items - so don't let the absence of a particular item type or area stop you from writing us at brewmaster@yeoldebrew.com with questions about items from other advertising categories or U.S. locales.

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