Our Collection
 Two web site iterations ago, we trotted out some of the Braumeister prints that were a part of the A C Schulz Litho Company find. Several people have asked for a more complete showing of those - so the pictures below are about most everything Braumeister = signage wise - that was a part of that find. Overall, there were 900+ DIFFERENT images that came out of the find - representing everything from large prints to the smallest labels across a wide range of industries and companies - brewing, distillery, automotive, paper products, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, industrial, food, medical and a host of others. Of the 900, Independent Brewing was easily the largest grouping with 46 different pieces. The A C Schulz Company, being a smaller regional player, only printed - they didn't bind the pieces to the easel-backed cardboard that would have been the finished products on the majority of the pieces but we've framed up the paper as they definitely deserve to be proudly displayed!

As you can tell, we're pretty serious about this stuff -- but we're always on the prowl for more! Our interests lie primarily in the areas of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana pre-1960 breweriana items. But, as can be attested to by our site, we collect pieces from all over as well as some soda, distillery, and cigar items - so don't let the absence of a particular item type or area stop you from writing us at brewmaster@yeoldebrew.com with questions about items from other advertising categories or U.S. locales.

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